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My wife and I moved to Haga at the end of 2005.
In our new house, we can see the sunrise from our bedroom.
Walking a bit, we can also see the sun set in the mountains of Gunma.
People there are kind and gentle,
so we live there until the end of our life.
Pictures below were taken in the beautiful Haga District.
I hope you to enjoy the slideshow.
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and close the last one.


White Lycorises

Manjushage or higanbana is known of its red blossoms. In some part of Japan one calls it kajibana, namely a fire-flower from its color and shape. But among red lycorises there are white ones.

taken September 23, 2006

Cherry Blossoms with Red Leaves

Green cherry blossoms are very rare, but this cherry tree is almost a miracle because its leaves are red while its blossoms are in full bloom.

taken November 25, 2005

taken December 6, 2005

Mine Park in the Autumn

Mine Park is well taken care of, and we can enjoy its nature thoughout the year.

taken November 25, 2005

the First Sunrise of the New Year

Because of clouds we couldn't see the very first sunrise of the year. This was taken from a nearby path on the third mornig of this year.

taken January 3, 2006 

Dondon Burning

I have no idea to explain the Dondon Burning either in Japanese of in English. It usually takes place in the early evening of January 14, but this time it took place in the morning of January 8.

both taken January 8, 2006 

Higashi-Tsutsumi Pond

taken January 10, 2006

There are several reservours, ponds for irrigation. They were built several hundred years ago, but they still work well.

taken January 23, 2006 

Mt. Akagi and Mt. Haruna

  taken January 11, 2006

One of my favorite course of walking is that along the Taisho Water Path. A view of Mt. Akagi from that point is splended. Mt. Haruna is rather far, but it is also beautiful

taken January 24, 2006 

Mt. Asama's Two Faces

Both taken January 25, 2006 

Mt.Asama is an active volcano and covered with snow. It is white in the daylight but changes its color toward the evening.

the Sunset

The sunset as well as the sunrise is also beautiful from Haga. The picture in the left was taken out of my entrance, and the one in the right was taken near the Kojinmei Shrine.

taken January 10, 2006

taken January 12, 2006

Blossoms of Ume and Rapes

taken April 4, 2006

The Ume tree blooms in red and white on the same tree!
Nanohana Batake, a field of rape blossoms, is about ten minutes on foot from my house. Young cherry trees in the south and Mt.Haruna make a harmony.

taken April 4, 2006

Shepherd's Purses and Radish Blossoms

taken April 2, 2006

A non-cultivated paddy field is covered with Shepherd's Purses. Penpengusa, a shepherd's purse, was said to be the omen of ruin. Murasakihanana or radish blossoms, of which name I'm not sure, were seen on the bank of Taishou Water Path. The shapes of the blossoms and leaves resemble to those of radishes. I planted some of them in my tiny garden.

taken April 4, 2006

Nakatsutsumi Square and Cherry Blossoms

A view of Mt. Akagi and Nakatsutsumi Square from Taishou Water Path.
Though cherry trees in the square seem to be old, they are in full bloom. Rather young trees are also found in the north, I took this under the yong trees.

both taken April 6, 2006  

Flowers in the Field

taken April 7, 2006

My favorite route of walking is filled with flowers. There are flowers of carots, which belong to someone, and I just enjoyed seeing them. But the ones in the right are violets of no owners, and I planted them in my garden.

taken April 7, 2006

Old Scenery of the Field

Yong boys are helping their parents transplant rice. It is rarely seen today, but was a usual scenery a few decades ago.
People of Haga love flowers. Someone planted poppies in a puddy field. This might be a new scenery of non-cultivated field.

taken June 4, 2006 

Field of flowers

Neighbors plant cosmos at the end of summer. They take good care to grow flowers.

←taken June 6, 2006

←taken Sept. 3, 2006

←taken Oct. 3, 2006

Flying Kindergarten

On the morning of the Day of Athletics I saw a baloon taking off from the playground of a kindergarten. In the cargo were children and the nurse. It was to say a flying kindergarten.

taken Oct. 9, 2006

Mine Park in Fog

One Sunday morning in summer I walked in the Mine Park. Everything was covered with fog and nobody was there. I thought if I were with a young pretty girl.
The romantic lycorises, of which meaning is "banana leaves in the marsh" in Japanese, were literally grown-up to like banana leaves.

both taken July. 27, 2008

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